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Research Team

The R&D team of the company is mainly composed of professors, masters, and bachelors of the Automation Department of Xiamen University and professionals with extensive practical experience in elevators. Under the common mission, everybody does their best to create a research atmosphere that is pioneering, innovative, hardworking, and enterprising. , built a market-oriented, user-centric elevator automation, intelligent research and development platform.

High cost performance

Through extensive cooperation with Xiamen University in talents and scientific research platforms, the company not only designs and manufactures products with novel functions and reliable performance, but also effectively controls product research and development costs, enabling us to provide customers with more cost-effective products and services. .

High growth

After a great deal of practice testing, experience accumulation, and market foreshadowing, the company has already matured and entered a relatively rapid development stage. Our rapid development requires the development and support of our partners. Our rapid development has prompted us to support more partners. Therefore, as we are developing, you are the first choice for our cooperation and support.